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Welcome to Make Thread the first of its kind in a new fashion movement. More than just a digital platform for designers to enter the fashion market, it’s a philosophy in empowerment of people and fashion, connecting like-minded individuals together in a unique purchasing and sharing fashion experience. 

We are collective inclusive community like no other before. Our aim is not to dictate nor do we want to suppress, we are about the making of great things and providing fashion opportunities.

The Make Means


Celebrating the creativity of individual designs and talent, Make Thread gives designers the freedom to start and develop their own label without the requirement of upfront capital and manufacturing. Built on the principle of quality, speed and the individualism of talented designers surrounded by an empowered fashion community; the platform offers a place for diversity, quality and pleasure for both designers and consumers alike. 

The Make Movement


The Make Movement takes on new inspiration, creates excitement and permits a dialogue amongst like-minded people. This enables consumers to follow designers, shop, post and communicate all in the one place, sharing their commonalities with other followers in their community. 

A virtual connectivity space, that does not speak for you yet instead provides you with a voice in all things fashion. 

The Make Squad


Two fashion enthusiasts with a unique fashion idea. Challenging the norm, breaking down barriers and making entering the fashion industry more accessible. Providing consumers with a true voice in what is fashion and on trend. 

We choose to believe in you, celebrate your style and choices in fashion. 

My Thread


We are dedicated in providing you with the latest fashion trends by following your designers latest campaigns, we allow you to decide what’s in fashion or not by becoming a part of the latest trend movement, giving you the voice to determine the designs made and those that aren’t. 

Selecting premium quality, we turn fashion designs into a reality with a Made in Britain signature and deliver across the world in our premium packaging.


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